Buildathon 2021 Poster

What is Buildathon?

Buildathon is a daylong event where 8th to 12th graders can come and experience a miniature version of an FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) build season. Using the materials provided in the Buildathon shop, you will need to design and build a system to complete the challenge with your team. At the end of the day, we will have a competition to see which team can best complete the challenge and have prizes for our winners. Each team will need to make a presentation to a panel of judges. In the presentation, you will tell us about your design process, how you built your system, why your system is unique, and how you used your resources wisely. During lunch time, we will show off our FRC robot from our previous season and give participants the opportunity to drive it . We will also talk about what our team does as well as all the different things members of our team get to do and gain from the experience of being on the team. This event aims to introduce high school students to STEAM fields and act as a trial run of what they might discover with Orbit Robotics.

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