Our Members

We are a community team of 51 students from 13 different schools.

Meet them here.

Our Subteams

Team Captains

Team Captains: Celeste Nantel and Ricardo Ferro


Programming (Lead: Michael Geddes), from left to right – Alex M., Stephen S., Jason H., Ellen S., Kevin Z., Michael G., Tatiana T.Z., Angela S., Skylar G., Nick M.


Outreach (Leads: Brahmjot Grewal and Harkiran Grewal), from left to right – Isobel W., Rebecca R., Mallory B., Sam H., Kasthuri T., Harkian G., Darcy S., Brahmjot G., Tatiana T.Z., Dr. Kozma, Angela S., Victoria K.


Design (Leads: Ethan Childerhose and Brian Machado) from left to right – Ricardo F., Emma V., Ivan Y., Aman A., Ramish S., Jaimin L., Aidan M., Ethan C., Greg C., Graeme G., Brian M., Enzo G., Jennifer K., Nathan W., Jordan E., Ellen S., Celeste N.


Media (Lead: Sam Hollinrake) from left to right – Isobel W., Sam H., Stephen S.


Awards (Leads: Brahmjot Grewal and Harkiran Grewal, Kasthuri Thambipillai) from left to right – Isobel W., Rebecca R., Dr. Hamilton, Harkiran G., Mallory B., Keenen Q., Kasthuri T., Darcy S., Brahmjot G.,  Mrs. Wilks, Victoria K., Sam H.


Build (Lead: Jaimin Lyons) from left to right – Aidan L., Gillian J., Ivan Y., Stephen S., Medina C., Ramish S., Graeme G., Jaimin L., Greg C., Aidan M., Jennifer K., Celeste N., Enzo G., Emma V., Ricardo F.